Tuesday, February 8, 2011

7 Reasons Why Believers Should Not Drink Alcohol

I have an article on my research web giving 7 Reasons Believers should not drink alcoholic beverages - http://www.logosresourcepages.org/Believers/drinking.htm

I received an interesting response that I hope you will take time to read and ponder -

I read your article this evening about the 7 reasons why a Christian should not drink. Thank you for this study, it is very helpful.

Years ago I struggled with drinking as a young believer and it got me into lots of trouble. Unfortunately, the Baptist church I attended at the time had an extensive young crowd that loved to socialize and go "clubbing." In my heart I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't stop and found no allies among my peers to confide in of the guilt I was feeling for the wrong we were doing. Any comments I got were the classic misunderstandings of Christians with regards to this matter: everything in moderation; Jesus turned water to wine; we have liberty, we're under grace, not law; Paul told Timothy to drink wine, etc, etc. It was so bad, that the preacher's children and their spouses drank; even his son-in-law had a home beer brewing kit and was on the deocinate of the church.

I finally left that church and have since found a church that does NOT condone drinking, but advocates abstinence, moreover the preaching of the Word of God! I have been alcohol free for 7 years now, praise God!

While I work in the challenging field of accounting, unfortunately my colleagues and my boss find the way to cope with the stress by hitting the bottle after work. Thankfully, I am strong and do not surcumb to this activity, although it puts me on the outs, because I choose not to participate. Sadly, my boss is a professing Christian whose husband is a former Baptist minister and is now the founder of a major charitable relief organization, so she feels perfectly comfortable flaunting her "liberty." This coupled with her like for gambling and swearing make it difficult to distinguish her as a believer. She has even bragged to coworkers who are blatant heathens that, "she's a cool mom" because she drinks with her kids.

Please pray with me that I remain strong and can be a positive influence to those around me. And please pray for my boss that God opens her eyes and heart to truth.

God bless,
Bro ____

Thursday, February 3, 2011

King James Admonition To His Son To Be Sexually Pure

It is the 400 Anniversary of the King James Bible, published in 1611. Below is King James I of Scotland & VI of England instructions to His son --
"Keep your body clean and unpolluted while you give it to your wife whom to only it belongs for how can you justly crave to be joined with a Virgin if your body be polluted? Why should the one half be clean, and the other defiled? And suppose I know, fornication is thought but a veniall sin by the most part of the world, yet remember well what I said to you in my first book regarding conscience, and count every sin a breach of God's law, not according as the vain world esteems of it, but as God judge and maker of the law accounts of the same: hear God commanding by the mouth of Paul to abstain from fornication, declaring that the fornicator shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven, and by the mouth of John reckoning out fornication among other grievous sins that declares the commiters among dogs and swine."